The work site area of Hanhikivi 1 got an impressive landmark in the form of a main gate building that was completed and accepted on August 15.

The two-story main gate building is the latest newcomer in the Hanhikivi area. The building will be commissioned in stages. In the future, when the power plant is in operation, it will be used to monitor all traffic within the area. A special characteristic of the building’s design is a dark wall surface made of titanium zinc strips and sheets that will patinate with time.

Construction director Jouni Sipiläinen from Fennovoima is satisfied with the fluently implemented project. Cooperation between Fennovoima representatives, the main contractor and subcontractors has been close and well-functioning during the construction time. The main gate building is very important to Fennovoima.

- This is the first building in the area to which the safety procedures of nuclear power construction have been applied. Among other things, this was visible in the many documents required for the approval of different stages and materials. The building itself also includes technical and construction engineering solutions that are related to safety.

Sipiläinen says that the safety aspect brought with it new requirements for the main contractor, but the contractor met the requirements well.

- It was easy to work with a contractor known to us already from the training facility project.

From temporary to permanent facilities

Site Security Manager Jari Vähäkainu from Fennovoima says that the completion of the main gate building has been eagerly anticipated. According to Vähäkainu, this is the first actual security-related building in the Hanhikivi area.

- We have been involved in the selection of various solutions used in the building itself. Now we have an impressive and permanent building from which the security of the area can be monitored. In the operational phase of the plant, all persons and vehicles that enter the area will be checked there.


Have a look at the Hanhikivi 1 cinstruction site via this 360-image. Ville Pohjonen / Kuulu Oy

An important reference case for the contractor

The main contractor for the building was a local company, the Oulainen-based construction firm Sorvoja Oy, which had already constructed a training facility in the Hanhikivi area. In addition to the main contractor, 35 subcontracting companies participated in the work, according to the main contractor’s work foreman Juha Sorvoja. Fennovoima took care of the design work for the project, as well as the building technology contract as a separate procurement.

The main gate building project has offered work to construction workers in Northern Finland.

- We have had an average of 15 of our own employees at the work site. In addition to them, more than 90 per cent of the subcontracting companies used are from the surrounding Northern Ostrobothnia area. We have offered induction training for the work site to 130 people in total.

"The work progressed on schedule. Cooperation with Fennovoima was excellent and there was a fine spirit of cooperation between all parties at the work site," Juha Sorvoja says. Kuva: Lassi Savola / Kuulu Oy

The two-story building has an area of 1,200 square meters and a volume of 4,800 cubic meters, so its size is nothing out of the ordinary. However, the project was unusually demanding to the builder and, at the same time, an important reference, according to Juha Sorvoja. For instance, occupational safety and quality assurance procedures have been taken care of in detail, and various inspection documents have been prepared in great numbers.

“In terms of safety, this is probably one of the most demanding buildings constructed in Finland. For instance, the preliminary plans are very detailed. In this kind of work, it is particularly important that your own employees and subcontractors are known to you and reliable.”

The construction work started in August 2016 and was completed in August 2017.