Local towns and municipalities are getting ready for the influx of Fennovoima employees. Our video series describes what the everyday life of the employees is like in Pyhäjoki and its neighbouring areas.

The moving of Fennovoima’s head office from Helsinki to Pyhäjoki will cause an unprecedented influx of people to the Oulu and Kokkola region: hundreds of jobs will be transferred from the Helsinki metropolitan region to the Hanhikivi Peninsula. The majority of people will move in during 2019 and 2020.

Each employee can freely select the location of their home, but Fennovoima offers information about the different locations in the area and assists the employees in practical issues related to the move. Dozens of towns and municipalities are working in close cooperation with the company to ensure that all the people moving in will find the right place to live.

At present, 35 Fennovoima employees are working in Pyhäjoki. Some of them drive long distances every day in order to be involved in the unique Hanhikivi 1 project. Some of the Fennovoima employees live only a couple of minutes away from the Hanhikivi Peninsula.

“There are only six turns along my commute, even though I live 100 kilometers away,” says Markku Vilppola from Oulu, who carpools to work every day. The trip takes a little over an hour.

Fennovoima’s security coordinator Vilppola was born in Oulu. He is the first person introduced in the video series on the everyday life of Fennovoima employees in Pyhäjoki and its neighboring areas.