The Municipality of Pyhäjoki has published a website for tourists. Heini Kittilä, who originally hails from Pyhäjoki, got a chance to refresh her old memories of home and get some fresh ones.

Pyhäjoki has opened a new window by publishing the Visit Pyhäjoki website aimed at tourists. The website has been designed with mobile devices in mind, and it offers tourists a view that Heini Kittilä, a Pyhäjoki-born artist responsible for the project, has been watching since her childhood.

For Kittilä, who now lives in Raahe, the return to the childhood scenery has been a nostalgic experience. Kittilä’s job as the project coordinator has entailed photographing places important to her and brought back memories from her early age.

Among the numerous beautiful natural sites, Kittilä highlights three places important to her: the Koskipuisto park, the Kielosaari nature trail and the Pyhäluoto beach.

- Koskipuisto was a place of play and adventure for me when I was a child. The park is located near my childhood home, so I spent a lot of time at the rapids and the streams. At the time, Koskipuisto was in its natural state.

- I used to visit Kielosaari together with my friends. When I was a child, there was no nature trail in Kielosaari yet, but I have become fond of the nature trail now. I find the riverside greenery most charming.

- The best memories of my childhood are from Pyhäluoto beach, as I used to visit it with my parents. My memories are associated with family picnics and swimming in the sea.

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