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Layout Manager Caetano Porto tells about the progress in buildings' layout design and the benefits of using 3D modeling in designing and reviewing the nuclear power plant's design documentation.

Buildings’ layout design of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant

I work at Fennovoima as a Layout Manager leading a group of six people consisting of layout engineers and 3D model experts.

The task of our team is to review the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant's buildings' layout and support the plant supplier in its development.

The time for building layout design is when we have defined the functions to be considered in the plant. Then we decide where and how all the different components are to be placed in the buildings and plan how to build the facilities in practice. Construction drawings and design drawings for the installation of components will be prepared based on the layout design, describing, for example, the necessary piping, support structures, cable trays and valves. Once we move forward with the design, it is demanding and time consuming to make changes to the layout. Therefore, it is better to do the design once properly than to return to it later while construction is already underway.

The year 2020 has been intensive for us in the Hanhikivi 1 project, also in terms of buildings' layout safety and design. The plant supplier has resolutely completed the buildings' design and submitted the documentation to us for review. We have assessed how the equipment should be placed inside the buildings, how physical separation can ensure safety, whether we have adequate access to the equipment, whether the planned distances and the shielding solutions are acceptable, or how the pipelines should be placed to have their inspections as smoothly as possible. We have reviewed and conditionally approved the design documentation for majority of main buildings. Besides us layout engineers, expert groups in different disciplines evaluate the building layout and safety against a comprehensive range of criteria. Such evaluation areas are hazard protection, ambient conditions, maintenance, availability, decommissioning, and occupational safety, to name a few.

We follow a stage-wise approach to design development and documentation evaluation. We will complete the first review phase later this year. In the next stage, we will focus even further on the details and readiness of each different rooms. After the basic design, we move on to the detailed design. Then we will make plans and construction drawings that component manufacturers can use to determine, for example, how much piping material is needed, where to place welds, and in what order each equipment should be assembled.

We use 3D modeling as an aid, as it is an efficient tool for designing and reviewing the design documentation. The more complex the building layout, the more benefits we get from 3D modeling. Accurate 3D model allows us to anticipate changes that we would otherwise only identify during the later phases.

The plant supplier produces the 3D model of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant. The 3D model has been carefully worked on for years and is very comprehensive for a project of this magnitude. It consists of almost everything that will be placed inside the rooms: equipment, steel platforms, pipes, valves, filters, and so on. Because we are also interested in non-physical attributes influencing space use, modeling also includes virtual elements. The modeling consists of, for example, escape routes for which we must reserve space in the layout, and room spaces where certain thermal conditions or radiation limits are required. The 3D model enables us to accurately assess the layout of the buildings and take the project forward smoothly.

Caetano Porto
Fennovoima's Layout Manager, Consultant

Caetano Porto is a mechanical engineer from Brazil. He joined Fennovoima in 2018 as a consultant for ÅF, and his consultancy has continued since. Caetano is a photographer and traveler from his heart and has participated in exhibitions and books. His photos focus on human emotions and expressions, and sometimes on how people live their lives in remote and challenging conditions.

Fennovoiman Layout-päällikkö Caetano Porto

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Fenno People

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