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Päivikki Aarni

According to Päivi Aarni, HRD Manager, Fennovoima offers excellent opportunities for long careers. Photo by Junnu Lusa

Do all Fennovoima employees speak English?

Päivikki Aarni, HRD Manager, tells about what working for Fennovoima is like.

1. What kinds of positions does Fennovoima currently have at Pyhäjoki?

We have a wide range of positions at Pyhäjoki: construction site supervision, project management, engineering duties, communications, security, and environmental matters. Almost all of the positions can be located either in Pyhäjoki or in Helsinki. In the future, most people will be working at Pyhäjoki.

2. What is the typical career path in Fennovoima like?

There is no typical career path; instead, we aim to support individual career development of the employees. Most of the people we recruit are experts with plenty of work experience, but we also offer job opportunities for the young. This year, we have 14 summer employees. Many of our summer employees have continued with us full-time or part-time. You can build a long career in Fennovoima, because the construction of a nuclear power plant is a long-term project.

3. How can you develop your expertise when working for Fennovoima?

Lifelong learning is part of our culture. It starts with the orientation. Each employee’s development needs are reviewed in the annual personal development discussions. We provide safety and management training, for example, and our plant supplier offers technical training. Employees can also take outside courses and attend seminars, and expertise is shared with colleagues.

“Many of our summer employees have continued with us full-time or part-time.”

4. How does Fennovoima assist its employees in combining their work and leisure?

We care for our employees in many ways. We offer excellent opportunities to work remotely, and our employee benefits and occupational health care services are comprehensive. We spend time together at the meetings of our culture and sports club. We aim to support wellbeing at work by offering our employees a variety of services and activities – everyone can choose the best for them.

5. Do all Fennovoima employees speak fluent English?

English is our official working language, so you will need to speak English, no matter if you’re dealing with the plant supplier or your colleagues. There are people of some twenty nationalities working for us. If you want to work for us, you should work on your English skills, as they are a prerequisite for working for Fennovoima. You don’t have to speak perfect English, but your language skills will have to be sufficient.

Most of the employees at Pyhäjoki are Finnish-speaking at the moment, but the share of non-Finnish employees is constantly growing.

Fenno People

Fenno People

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Fenno People

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