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According to Marko Junttila, Managing Director, SKM Service’s growth and success are based first and foremost on broad experience from the field. Photo by Tiina Lämsä

Excellent quality in the nuclear industry

Nuclear industry deliveries are the crown jewels in the reference list of SKM Service from Pattijoki, Finland. For the Hanhikivi 1 construction site, the company has delivered a pumping station.

Plant deliveries, special materials, and pipeline installations with mines, battery factories, chemical industry companies, and nuclear power plants as the clients. SKM Service from Pattijoki has an impressive list of clients and references, but one achievement is clearly the best from the viewpoint of Marko Junttila, the company’s Managing Director.

“We did not have any occupational accidents in 2019. It’s a matter of honor for us – one we want to retain,” he says.

Named after the first names of its founders, Saku Kähkönen, Kimmo Jussila, and Marko Junttila, SKM Service employs 50–120 people, depending on the current order book.

Broad field experience

In Junttila’s opinion, the success of the company – which is growing rapidly – is based on broad experience from the field. The executives know, based on their own experience, what goes on at construction sites and what high-quality work requires from the employees. Such robust experience is a characteristic of all the employees. Junttila emphasizes, however, that they do not ask for their employees to achieve the impossible.

“Calculations may show that things can be done fairly quickly, but we know what the plans actually require from the employees. We are rarely upset if we don’t win a contract because our offer is considered too expensive.

“Once you have been accepted as a nuclear power plant supplier, nobody will question the high quality of your operations.”

Even though we never demand the impossible from anyone, we are very emphatic about our employees being our best calling cards.”

Industrial troubleshooter

Almost all of SKM Service’s construction sites consist of complete plant deliveries, which means that even more extensive expertise is required. Examples of the company’s expertise areas include plant maintenance, industrial pipeline renovation, varied construction projects, and work on steel structures.

Junttila says that in practice, they offer troubleshooting services for industrial companies.

SKM Service has delivered a pumping station for the Hanhikivi 1 construction site. Archive photo by Kuulu

“Pipelines can be subjected to exceptional stresses in industrial processes. In some cases, the strength of pipelines causes problems for years. The problems have been solved by us installing components manufactured from special-alloy steel.”

Best showcases in the nuclear industry

For the Hanhikivi 1 construction site, SKM Service has delivered a pumping station, the primary duty of which is to ensure continued concrete production at the construction site in case of a temporary disruption in the municipal water supply.

The company is familiar with the requirements of the nuclear industry: SKM Service has manufactured pipelines for the Olkiluoto 1 and 2 nuclear power plant units.

“The industry is the crown jewel of our list of references. Once you have been accepted as a nuclear power plant supplier, nobody will question the high quality of your operations, documentation, or contract management, or the traceability of your work.”

Junttila says that the very first welding jobs done by SKM Service were procedure tests leading up to certification. Auditing is one of the requirements for access to the construction sites of large enterprises to ensure that the supplier’s working methods comply with the client’s quality level requirements. This is why quality requirements were the first item on SKM Service’s agenda when the company was established in 2013.

“Our business plan states that we want to be the strongest industrial partner in Finland in five years.”

Project & Construction Site

Project & Construction Site

Plots from Fennovoima business area now available for lease

The plots in the Fennovoima business area on the Hanhikivi peninsula are now available among the plots for sale in Pyhäjoki. The area has been designed for companies serving the Hanhikivi 1 project or its contractors.