Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Fennovoima is a long time partner of the Pyhäjoki's Actors' Association. In the theater group act among others Mari Helaakoski (left.), Tarja Ruotsalainen (right), Jari Ruotsalainen (in the middle), Pauli Rautio (left up) ja Outi Viirret (right up). Photo by Jarmo Tyyskä/archive picture

Five facts about Fennovoima's sponsorship

Fennovoima has been supporting local activities in Pyhäjoki and the neighboring areas for over a decade. The collaboration promotes hobbies and leisure activities, in particular.

1. Supporting local actors for more than a decade

Fennovoima has been supporting sports, culture, and general interest projects in Pyhäjoki and the neighboring areas for more than ten years. The local activities are part of the company’s social responsibility efforts.

The key themes of the responsibility program are caring for the wellbeing of people, society, and the environment around us, as well as working to help curb climate change.

2. Most of the support goes to children and young people

The local activities focus on hobbies for children and young people. For example, more than half of the 2019 sponsorship budget went to children and young people. Fennovoima wants all children to have the chance to have a hobby, whether it be scouting, ice hockey, or chess, for example.

This year, all applicants are challenged to consider ways to offer more children the opportunity to have a hobby.

The second most sponsored targets were general interest projects and sports teams. Fennovoima also supported projects that improve comfort in the living environment, cultural activities, and a variety of events.

3. Approximately half of all applicants receive sponsorship

Last year, a total of 49 parties were supported. Fennovoima received 96 sponsorship applications. The number of applications has remained steady for several years now.

Long-term recipients include sports clubs, village associations, fishing clubs, and hunting clubs, among others.

4. Sponsorship applicants are encouraged to act to help the environment

Last year, Fennovoima decided to challenge everyone applying for sponsorship to act to help the environment. The fight to curb climate change is a joint effort where all actions count, be they large or small.

Environmental protection actions in 2019 included recycling, picking up and sorting trash, and going to practice sessions on foot or by bike, or carpooling.

5. Sponsorship application period starts in February

The application period for 2020 sponsorships is in February. Fennovoima hopes to receive as many applications from local actors as possible. All applications will be carefully considered, and the best will be forwarded to an internal working group that will select the final sponsorship targets.

Apply for sponsorship by the end of February. This year, we challenge applicants to consider ways to offer more children the opportunity to have a hobby. Click here to view more information.


Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Green printing house turns 10 years old

Fennovoima's stakeholder magazine Fennonen is printed by Botnia Print in Kokkola, where sustainable development is both a fundamental value and a selling point.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

What does the future of the Oulu region look like?

In twenty to thirty years, the Oulu region will be more international. According to Jaakko Simonen, a researcher from the University of Oulu, technological competence and the availability of emission-free energy will attract investments to the area.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Pirttikoski village trusts in the future

The residents of Pirttikoski village believe in doing things together and having good interpersonal relations. Communality creates a shared feeling that Pirttikoski is a good place to live and raise your children.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Baker’s craft is alive and well in Pyhäjoki

Four generations of Pehkonens have been transporting freight in their family business. The entrepreneurs never plan to use robots in their bakery; their products will be handmade also in the future.