Project & Construction Site
Oululainen Ville Pohjonen teki ensimmäiset videot Hanhikiven niemellä rakennustöiden alkuvaiheessa. Kuva: Satu Mali

Ville Pohjonen shot the first videos on the Hanhikivi peninsula during the early days of the construction work. Photo by Satu Mali

Good work goes a long way

With offices in Oulu and Helsinki, digital marketing office Kuulu Oy has grown in a couple of years from a single-person firm to a company with customers all around Finland. Kuulu has also created video content for Fennovoima.

Video producer Ville Pohjonen from Oulu received an interesting call in 2015. He was contacted by Fennovoima, asking for a regular video producer for the Hanhikivi 1 project.

As most of the sites to be filmed were located at the construction site in Pyhäjoki, a renowned local firm was selected.

“It was a very important and also a highly interesting project for a one-man firm,” Pohjonen says.

When Pohjonen transferred to Kuulu, Fennovoima followed him. In the past three years, Pohjonen has become familiar with both the Hanhikivi 1 construction site and Fennovoima’s head office in Helsinki.

Video producer’s second role

The entrepreneurial career of this thirty-something content expert started with music and company presentation videos already during his studies. Word of the talented and fast video producer travelled fast in the Oulu region. He received such a large number of jobs that he had to establish a company of his own, Pohjonen Productions, to manage them.

Around three years ago Pohjonen met Jonna Muurinen who owns Kuulu, a company specializing in digital marketing and training.

“I was able to create high-quality video content, while Kuulu had the necessary expertise and vision on digital distribution channels. These two complemented each other,” Pohjonen explains.

Pohjonen is currently Kuulu’s creative director and a partner in the company.

“I shot the first videos on the Hanhikivi peninsula during the early days of the construction work."

Kuulu has quickly grown into an employer of 25 people with offices in Oulu and Helsinki. Due to the growth of the company, Pohjonen has been forced to rethink his own role.

“When I was working as an entrepreneur on my own, I got used to having to do everything myself. Now I need to focus on customer relationship management, as well as development and marketing of the company.”

Many people who spend a lot of time online have become frustrated with the growing number of advertisements on social media, which has resulted in them using ad blockers. Pohjonen believes that poorly targeted content and marketing lie at the core of this problem.

“A video is a powerful means of communication, provided that the perspective is just right and it is targeted to the right recipients. Many times, advertisers are afraid of clearly limiting their target group and try to please everybody instead. This is where experts who look at things with the eyes of the target group come into play,” Pohjonen explains.

Fennovoima invigorates all of Pyhäjoki

Even though the creative director no longer has, in many respects, his hands in the clay and does less practical work, he has still been involved in the making of Fennovoima’s videos. The Oulu team bears most of the responsibility for shooting videos at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site, while the Helsinki office handles shooting that takes place at the Fennovoima head office.

Pohjonen says that the cooperation is very interesting: he has been able to see the massive construction project in more detail and from the perspective of both designers and builders. Fennovoima is also an important customer reference for the company, because the safety criteria are strict.

“I shot the first videos on the Hanhikivi peninsula during the early days of the construction work. Ever since, we have visited the site regularly to film not only the construction work but also a variety of public events,” Pohjonen explains.

According to Pohjonen, the construction site has caused a whole new kind of spark and power in the entire Pyhäjoki region. In future, the parish village and its surroundings will become even more lively.

“A lot of new people have come to this small village, and services have also improved quickly. This can be seen when walking the streets. We have more options in terms of restaurants and resting places when coming here to shoot a video,” Pohjonen says, laughing.


Project & Construction Site

Project & Construction Site

Plots from Fennovoima business area now available for lease

The plots in the Fennovoima business area on the Hanhikivi peninsula are now available among the plots for sale in Pyhäjoki. The area has been designed for companies serving the Hanhikivi 1 project or its contractors.

Project & Construction Site

Excellent quality in the nuclear industry

Nuclear industry deliveries are the crown jewels in the reference list of SKM Service from Pattijoki, Finland. For the Hanhikivi 1 construction site, the company has delivered a pumping station.