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Antti Heikkilä, the owner of Tivitek (on left), Timo Korvela, Lehto’s Site Manager, Pekka Pihlajamaa, Fennovoima’s Project Engineer, and Esa Herrala, Fennovoima’s Site Supervisor, work in close cooperation. Photos by Toni Pallari

Hanhikivi 1: Fluent cooperation around the year

Almost 350 people work at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site every day. Fluent cooperation brings the employees closer together.

There is a brand-new canteen building at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site. Vitali Gluschenko, Construction Director of the project’s main contractor Titan-2, glances at the rows of tables, which are still empty. Once opened, the canteen will seat 600 employees.

Gluschenko gets to see the everyday life of the construction site up close. He conducts contract negotiations and keeps in regular contact with the management of the Hanhikivi 1 project and subcontractors.

If you are interested in a contract at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site, you must be prepared to talk a great deal, because constant interaction is a requirement of the site,” he says.

One of the topical jobs right now is the delivery of eight cranes by Konecranes. The cranes, for which Titan-2 placed an order, will be delivered to the concrete reinforcement plant of the Hanhikivi 1 construction site by the end of the year.

Fluent cooperation benefits everybody at Hanhikivi peninsula

The site offices of Titan-2 and the plant supplier RAOS Project are next to each other within a stone’s throw from the canteen. It’s good that the offices are so close to each other: people from both companies can easily arrange meetings. Rainer Goehring, RAOS Project’s Site Director, says that the companies arrange regular meetings and also visit the construction site every week.

“Plenty of interaction is required at the construction site.”

The best way to motivate employees into doing responsible work is meeting with them.”

The municipality of Pyhäjoki is a project partner, and the cooperation is not limited to the statutory building inspections. Soil removed from the rock at the Hanhikivi peninsula has been used as landfill at a residential area in Matinsaari, for example.

The starting point of good cooperation is a win-win situation for all the parties involved,” Goehring says.

Infrastructure as well as auxiliary buildings valued at EUR 400–500 million are being constructed at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site. The construction site register currently includes some 700 companies.
Vitali Gluschenko, the Construction Director of Titan-2, and his team are expecting a crane delivery from Konecranes. Seven medium-heavy CXT indoor cranes and one gantry crane of 50 metric tons for outdoor use will be delivered to the Hanhikivi 1 construction site by the end of the year.

The construction of the administration building is progressing

The steady sound of a horn warns the employees of blasting. The construction site of Fennovoima’s administration building has progressed to the excavation stage. Weeping drains are already being covered up at the basement level, but some rock still needs to be removed to make room for the training wing.

Men wearing protective gear monitor the progress of the blasting. Timo Korvela, Lehto’s Site Manager, says that the administration building construction site must always consider the other jobs going on in the area. For example, the vibration caused by the blasting may hamper the pouring of concrete.

I act as the link between the different parties, making sure that everything is done on time. We are constantly reconciling jobs.”

The Hanhikivi 1 site access training highlights the cooperation

The people with whom Korvela works at the administration building construction site include Esa Herrala, Fennovoima’s Site Supervisor, and Pekka Pihlajamaa, Fennovoima’s Project Engineer.

Quality control is strict. The progress of excavation is being monitored with 3D measurements, for example. After each work stage, me and Lehto check that the actual work done corresponds to the plan,” Herrala explains.

Another person participating in the design work is Antti Heikkilä, the Owner of Tivitek, the company responsible for the Administration building’s casting.

The basics of how to work at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site were taught to us during site access training. We have learned how to work together since,” he says.

The Hanhikivi 1 construction project is one of the largest single investments in Finland. The Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant is worth around EUR 6.5 to 7 billion, and investments from Finland cover around EUR 2 billion of the total value.
Fennovoima purchased the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant as a turnkey delivery from RAOS Project, the Finnish subsidiary of Rosatom Group. Rainer Goehring, RAOS Project’s Site Manager, says that RAOS Project is responsible for the design, construction, installation, and commissioning of the nuclear power plant.
Managed by Antti Heikkilä (on left), construction company Tivitek from Oulainen is responsible for the concrete works of the Fennovoima administration building. The company also worked at the construction site of the Hanhikivi peninsula accommodation village as Lehto’s subcontractor.​​​
The work on the Fennovoima administration building is implemented by Lehto Tilat, a Lehto Group company. Timo Korvela, Lehto’s Site Manager, is familiar with the Hanhikivi 1 construction site and its operating methods, as he was previously employed by RAOS Project.

Project & Construction Site

Project & Construction Site

Plots from Fennovoima business area now available for lease

The plots in the Fennovoima business area on the Hanhikivi peninsula are now available among the plots for sale in Pyhäjoki. The area has been designed for companies serving the Hanhikivi 1 project or its contractors.