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“You learn something new every day in this job,” says Tatu Hietala, Supply Chain Manager. He also praises Fennovoima’s encouraging atmosphere and the good team spirit of his team. Photo by Kuulu

Hawkeyed Hietala takes care of Fennovoima’s supply chain

Tatu Hietala used to work for Nokia, but he switched his line of work, moved to Pyhäjoki, where he was impressed by Fennovoima’s culture of getting things done together. 

When Tatu Hietala had been working with networks at Nokia for more than 30 years, he started to wonder whether he should break out from the old groove and start fresh. Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi 1 project seemed like a suitable challenge for a supply chain expert, and so Hietala decided to apply for an open position of Supply Chain Manager in the spring of 2017.

After having been appointed to the position, Hietala lived in the Helsinki metropolitan region with his wife for the twelve-month introduction training period. After the introduction period was complete, Hietala came to the Hanhikivi 1 construction site in the north, full of enthusiasm: he was extremely eager to get to know the site.

The family home in Oulu was sold, and Hietala moved to Pyhäjoki with his wife and their dog in September 2018.

“I haven’t regretted the decision even once,” Hietala says.

“Except maybe that I didn’t do this sooner,” he adds, grinning.

At first, he was slightly surprised by Fennovoima’s safety culture and the strict oversight of a variety of regulations.

“The only branches of industry that I can think of that are as demanding and strictly controlled as the nuclear industry are the aviation and armaments industries,” he says.

Cooperating with Fennovoima’s expert teams

Hietala monitors the operations of the plant supplier RAOS Project, a subsidiary of Rosatom, and compliance with the terms and conditions of the plant supply contract – first the construction supply chain and then the planning and oversight of deliveries in cooperation with other Fennovoima’s expert teams. Hietala leads a team of four people that is in charge of supply chain approvals and oversight.   

"You can get good results when you work together."

“We monitor the creation of the subcontractor network. It’s a massive network: the plant supplier’s supply chain includes a total of 904 suppliers, and there are 329 suppliers in Fennovoima’s area of responsibility,” he explains.

Three members of Hietala’s team work from Salmisaari and one from Pyhäjoki. Hietala says that the physical distance is not a problem, as communication is fluent if people want it to be. The tools and operating models exist.

“My management style is teamwork. You can get good results when you work together.”

Hietala wants to set a good example by rolling up his sleeves and participating in the daily work.

“You learn something new every day in this job.”

Fennovoima’s atmosphere gets ten points

Hietala says that the team is doing great, and there is a balanced mix of expertise and humor.

“We have excellent team spirit. All of the team members are true professionals,” he praises his team.

Hietala has also been extremely satisfied with the Fennovoima corporate culture and the atmosphere in the company. He says that people often laugh so hard at the site meetings on Thursday mornings that the “curtains flap”. 

“Fennovoima gets ten points from me for fostering a good, encouraging atmosphere.”

Hietala has also been impressed by the opportunity to arrange different types of team days. The most memorable experience was in early summer 2019 when the entire Contract Management headed to Tankar lighthouse island off the coast of Kokkola to spend some time together.

“The almost uninhabited island is a truly magnificent place,” Hietala reminisces.

After the team had bathed in the sauna, he engaged in a dear hobby of his and played the accordion to make the evening even more pleasant.

Incidentally, Hietala’s hobby has experienced a major revival: in January 2020, he established an accordion club in Pyhäjoki. The club has had a couple of practice sessions, and the first concert is being planned.

Fenno People

Fenno People

Fennovoima is donating the true spirit of Christmas

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