Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Tiina Tiirola, housing secretary of the municipality of Pyhäjoki and secretary of the Pirttikoski village association, considers cooperation between the Pyhäjoki villages and cherishing communality very important. Photo by Teija Soini

Lively villages are a resource

There are a little over 3,100 residents in the municipality of Pyhäjoki. The parish village is divided into the southern Etelänkylä and the northern Pohjankylä. There are four villages in Pyhäjoki: Yppäri, Parhalahti, Pirttikoski, and Liminkakylä.

“We are a small municipality, so we must all do our part to promote change,” says Tiina Tiirola, housing secretary of the municipality of Pyhäjoki.

Almost half of all of the municipality’s residents live in the Pyhäjoki villages. The largest of them is Yppäri with its 640 residents. A new school was recently completed in Yppäri, which has also brought some new residents to the village. There is a service station and an adjacent store in the village.

Parhalahti, which is home to 340 people, has its own barber's/hairdresser’s and a daycare center. The same goes for Yppäri. Almost a hundred people live in Liminkakylä.

Amicable competition

A project that ended a little while ago, a playful competition dubbed Living Villages, boosted activity in the villages.

“Yppäri won. The other villages were all runners-up,” Tiirola says.

The Living Villages competition increased cooperation between the villages. Almost all residents in Pyhäjoki have family in the different villages, and this also promotes interaction.

According to Tiirola, the villages are an important resource for Pyhäjoki. The communality of the villages is valued, in particular. Seasonal singalongs are arranged in all the villages as the holiday season approaches. Skiing tracks are made close to the schools; the tracks in Yppäri and Pirttikoski are lighted. A traditional New Year’s reception is also arranged in Yppäri.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Five facts about Fennovoima's sponsorship

Fennovoima has been supporting local activities in Pyhäjoki and the neighboring areas for over a decade. The collaboration promotes hobbies and leisure activities, in particular.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

What does the future of the Oulu region look like?

In twenty to thirty years, the Oulu region will be more international. According to Jaakko Simonen, a researcher from the University of Oulu, technological competence and the availability of emission-free energy will attract investments to the area.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Pirttikoski village trusts in the future

The residents of Pirttikoski village believe in doing things together and having good interpersonal relations. Communality creates a shared feeling that Pirttikoski is a good place to live and raise your children.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Baker’s craft is alive and well in Pyhäjoki

Four generations of Pehkonens have been transporting freight in their family business. The entrepreneurs never plan to use robots in their bakery; their products will be handmade also in the future.