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Head of the Project Management unit, Jouni Takakarhu (right), and the head of the IT Management unit, Mikko Virtanen, were appointed as members of the Fennovoima Management Team at the beginning of April. Photo by Junnu Lusa

Positive energy

Jouni Takakarhu and Mikko Virtanen bring added strength to Fennovoima's Management Team. The appointments are part of the organizational change. 

Fennovoima has changed its organizational structure, effective 1 April 2019, and has established a new Utility Operations unit. The change is part of the development program aiming to ensure that the Hanhikivi 1 project progresses in accordance with the new timetable estimate.

“Our development program is not just internal to Fennovoima, but applies to the entire Hanhikivi 1 project. We have discussed with the plant supplier the changes expected on both Fennovoima’s and RAOS’s side”, says Fennovoima’s President and CEO Toni Hemminki.

The development program’s main goals are a safe plant and high-level safety planning, construction readiness and integrity of the technical design, high-quality implementation and supply chain performance, operational readiness and a strong safety culture. The development program was launched in late 2018.

Clear responsibility areas

The Fennovoima organization now consists of three units. In addition to the new Utility Operations unit, there are also the Project Management and Support functions. Currently the company employs 370 employees.   

The Utility Operations is responsible for assessing plant delivery safety, planning, implementation, and operational readiness. Heading the unit is Timo Okkonen (DrTech), previously the Chief Development Officer at Fennovoima. Okkonen continues as a member of the Management Team.

The task of the Project Management organization is to ensure the advancement of the plant delivery in accordance with the agreement and the timetable. Jouni Takakarhu (MScEng) has been appointed to head the Project Management unit. He was previously appointed as Acting Project Manager. Takakarhu also continues as a member of the Management Team. 

The Support functions remain virtually unchanged, with the exception of the Quality unit; its operations will be partly decentralized to other units. At the same time, a new IT Management unit will be established and headed by Mikko Virtanen (MScEng), who was also appointed as a member of the Management Team.

Hemminki says that Fennovoima's organizational changes will bring positive energy to all parties.

“The goal of the development program and the organizational change is to clarify responsibilities within the organization, improve collaboration with the plant supplier, and ensure our readiness to advance to the next phases in the project.”

Fenno People

Fenno People

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Fenno People

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Fenno People

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