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The main objective of the licensing is currently to secure the construction license. In the article Juho Vierimaa talks about the progress of licensing.

Preliminary safety analysis report and safety assessments provide solid evidence of the safety of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant

I am leading the licensing unit at Fennovoima, whose primary goal is to secure the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant's construction license.

I am pleased with my team of about ten experts, which is hard-working and committed, even if the things we work with are sometimes complicated. We are responsible for the construction license application materials, their development and submission to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK, and the related management processes.

The licensing of a nuclear power plant aims at construction and operating licenses issued by the Finnish Government. We follow a phased licensing approach, which we launched as part of Fennovoima's organizational reform just over a year ago. At this stage, our goal is to ensure plant safety and demonstrate it through the Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) and the safety assessments we carry out at Fennovoima.

The PSAR accounts for about 80-90% of all documentation required for the construction license and describes the plant's operation and safety features at a very detailed level. Approval of the PSAR by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority is a precondition for the Finnish Government to grant a construction license for the Hanhikivi 1 plant.

The PSAR is produced and completed by the localization project of the general designer Atomproekt, which experts are familiar with the Finnish and European requirements related to the field. We examine the material together with the localization project already before they submit it for official approval for us. The quality of the documentation has improved with the project. The localization project also acts as a gatekeeper and evaluates the material impartially even before Fennovoima's review.

The preliminary safety analysis report, together with the safety assessments we have made, provides reliable and credible evidence of the plant's safety already at this stage.

We will submit the PSAR documentation to STUK for evaluation in fifteen batches, the third of which we sent in the early summer. I consider it a significant step forward that we also provided the first system-level documentation that included descriptions of the plant's key safety systems as part of the third package. In addition, the submission of PSAR deliverables has continued during the fall with two new batches. These include descriptions of diverse safety systems and low and intermediate level waste handling systems.

We will undoubtedly receive many difficult comments and requests for further information from STUK regarding these materials. On the other hand, I see it as a positive sign that the implementation of nuclear safety is starting to manifest itself in the documentation. Sure, there's work to be done but the bike has now begun to spin, and that's a big win. The year-end will be busy for us as our goal is still to get the nuclear power plant's construction license in 2021.

Juho Vierimaa
Fennovoima's Licensing Manager

Juho Vierimaa works at Fennovoima as a Licensing Manager. Before Fennovoima, Juho worked at Fortum first on modeling severe reactor accidents and then on the Olkiluoto 4 project. Juho has experience in licensing for a total of ten years. Juho is also a passionate boating enthusiast and spends his free time sailing at sea or fixing his Nauticat motorboat.

Fenno People

Fenno People

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