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Experts from a variety of fields work in the Fennovoima procurement unit. The photo includes Jussi Vuoti, Category Specialist (on left), Leevi Lång, summer trainee, Heikki Airisniemi, Procurement Manager, Petri Mäyrä and Heli Kantomaa, Category Specialists, as well as Antti Kaski, Senior Procurement Manager and the head of the unit. Other members of the procurement unit are Pekka Alvinen, Resource Manager, Antti Väisänen, Category Specialist, and Antti Salonen, Procurement Controller. Photos by Mikko-Pekka Karlin/Kuulu

Procurement anticipates the needs of the Hanhikivi 1 project

The procurement unit helps to ensure that Fennovoima has everything it needs. Procurement will become even more important in the next few years, as the focus of the work switches to Pyhäjoki.

The Fennovoima procurement unit has great responsibility. Consisting of eight people, the team assists in ensuring that the company has all the resources it needs from the right consultants to the correct companies. Procurement supports Fennovoima’s other functions, such as construction and ICT services during cooperation with subcontractors.

According to Antti Kaski, Senior Procurement Manager and the unit head, the operations of Fennovoima’s procurement unit are based on a category model where each category has been assigned a responsible person.

“At the moment, the largest category is temporary external resources, which includes all the consultants and companies temporarily working on the project.”

Petri Mäyrä, Fennovoima’s Category Specialist, sees a clear development trend. External consultants and expertise – especially in instrumentation, I&C, construction, mechanics, and electrical engineering – will be required in the next few years. More subcontractors closer to the Hanhikivi 1 construction site are also being sought.

“As the project proceeds, the focus will transfer more and more towards northern Finland. We must anticipate more all the time and think about what the project will need – and how we can get what we need,” Mäyrä explains.

According to Petri Mäyrä, Category Specialist (on the right), Fennovoima will require external consultants and expertise – especially in instrumentation, I&C, construction, mechanics, and electrical engineering – in next few years.

Smooth cooperation between Pyhäjoki and Helsinki

Half of the procurement team works at the site office on the Hanhikivi peninsula and half at the head office in Helsinki. Web conferencing was part of the unit’s everyday life long before the COVID-19 pandemic; remote work is part of Fennovoima’s work culture. According to Kaski and Mäyrä, cooperation is smooth despite the physical distance between the team members.

“The remote working model has been surprisingly functional for us,” Kaski says.

The procurement team obtained a top score in Fennovoima’s internal customer satisfaction survey last year. According to the survey results, the different units of the organization value the support they receive from the procurement team.

“That is an achievement for which we are especially proud,” Kaski and Mäyrä say in unison.

Procurement unit’s foundation consists of transparency and trust

Kaski says that a good team spirit is created through transparency. Everybody daring to voice their opinions, knowing that they will be listened to and appreciated, is important.

“The team members support and motivate each other. The team is more than just the sum of the competencies of its members,” Kaski summarizes.

People born in several different decades work in the procurement unit, which ensures that the team benefits both from the enthusiasm of the young and the experience of senior employees.

The procurement unit will participate in the Northern Industry event in Oulu in June 2021. The team hopes to meet as many companies and consultants interested in the Hanhikivi 1 project as possible.

“We have a good combination of people of different ages. In future, we will probably invest in obtaining more young talent,” Kaski says.

The team will need more professionals in the years to come: the team will consist of approximately twenty people after the commissioning of Hanhikivi 1.   

Procurement is an important part of the lifecycle of Hanhikivi 1

In all of its operations, the unit anticipates the different lifecycle stages of the nuclear power plant from the construction license to commissioning. The lifecycle thinking is also supported by the fact that team includes both engineers and economists.

For example, Mäyrä is a Master in Process Engineering graduated from the University of Oulu. He joined the team a couple of years ago.

“The best things in my work are the colleagues and the fact that I’m constantly learning something new,” he says.

Kaski nods his head: the team is functional, the atmosphere at work is good, and the mission has been internalized.

The procurement unit’s mission is to offer top-notch service to all Fennovoima employees also in the years to come and to ensure that procurement goes as planned also when the plant is in operation.

“In addition to versatility, the spice of this work is the fact that you work with professionals every day. You can always rely on people being conscientious about their work,” Kaski says.

Would you like to join the Hanhikivi 1 project? Fennovoima and Titan-2, the main contractor of the plant supplier RAOS Project, are currently collecting contact details of contractors and service providers who are interested in cooperation with them. Read more and register by clicking here.

Fenno People

Fenno People

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