Fenno People

Fennovoima's Operation and Maintenance team is known for its excellent team spirit. From the left: Antti Lammela (front row on the left), Timothy Rownes, Annika Haapanen, Markus Laitinen, Juhani Jokinen, Pekka Nissi, Matthew Geraghty and Václav Vejborný. Team members not in the picture: Kari Leinonen, Henri Kainulainen, Kim Stålhandske, Miika Hyvärinen, Jyrki Viitanen and Ville Määttä. Photo: Susanna Kekkonen

Proud to be a team

Fennovoima has a team of 14 people who focus on matters such as ensuring efficient operation and maintenance of the Hanhikivi 1 power plant.

Fennovoima has many international experts. A good example of these is the Helsinki-based operation and maintenance team that is known within the company as a lively international unit.

The team has 14 members from four different countries: Finland, the Czech Republic, Scotland and Australia.

The latest addition, Timothy Rownes from Australia, has found that all team members are easy to get along with.

“Everyone’s very nice and we enjoy working together, taking coffee breaks and gathering at joint development days. In an open-plan office, it’s also very easy to ask others for help,” Timothy says.

The operation and maintenance team’s tasks include ensuring that the power plant that will be built on the Hanhikivi peninsula will be efficiently and safely operated and maintained during its entire life cycle.

A growing team

Currently, the team focuses on the design of the power plant and submitting the construction license application materials. In these tasks, the team gets help from hundreds of other experts; the required construction license application materials for Hanhikivi 1 comprise 50,000 pages of detailed descriptions of the nuclear power plant technology, the plant site and the organizations of Fennovoima and RAOS Project, the plant supplier.

According to operation engineer Antti Lammela, the plant commissioning phase will be a huge effort to everyone. During the operational phase, the team will have more than 200 members.

As the team grows, internal communications must be very open.

“Open communications in all matters, good as well as difficult ones, and freely sharing information to those who need it will make the commissioning phase much easier,” Lammela says.

He believes that good team spirit and open cooperation are the result of successful recruitment – and good luck.

“None of us only stare at our own workstations. Instead, we actively help others,” Lammela says.

We are all proud of what we do.

Shared vision of the nuclear power plant

A good supervisor is an important asset if any problems should occur. Rownes speaks highly of team leader Juhani Jokinen.

“He is an extremely good manager and knows what he's doing. If any problems come up, he brings it up and we work on a solution together.”

The previous working experience and background of the team members are valuable assets when developing new ideas, and help build good cooperation. Fennovoima offers opportunities to learn, create, and develop new things, which Rownes finds to be a good motivator for the whole team.

“We are all proud of what we do, and we share a vision of what kind of a nuclear power plant we want,” Rownes says.


Fenno People

Fenno People

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Fenno People

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