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Photo by: Toni Pallari

To Pyhäjoki to work

Fennovoima’s operations and employees will be transferred to Pyhäjoki in stages as the Hanhikivi 1 project proceeds. Most of the employees will come once the administration building is completed in 2021.

“It has been clear from the very start that the employees will be where the work is. Transferring the operations from Helsinki to Pyhäjoki is an absolute prerequisite for the project,” explains Eija Salo, Fennovoima’s HR Director.

She emphasizes, however, that as an expert organization, Fennovoima does not have a specific way or schedule for the transfer of all employees. To complete their work duties, some of the employees have to be present at the construction site every day, while others need to travel abroad.

“We want to listen to the employees and find solutions that suit us all. We support several ways of working, because our employees have varying job descriptions and responsibilities, as well as different situations in life.”

According to Salo, it is understandable that some employees do not want to move themselves and their families to Pyhäjoki or its neighboring areas. Some of them are planning to commute to the Hanhikivi peninsula from other parts of Finland.

Close cooperation with the municipalities

Work to guarantee a fluent transfer is underway at many fronts. In addition to Fennovoima’s employees, employees of the plant supplier and the main contractor, as well as people working through subcontractors, will be working in Pyhäjoki.

"We want to listen to the employees and find solutions that suit us all." 

“Our cooperation with the municipality of Pyhäjoki and the other neighboring municipalities is close. Several Fennovoima employees have already transferred from the Helsinki office to the site. We also have plenty of employees who are willing to move here, and we are already recruiting people to work directly in Pyhäjoki.”

Fennovoima's HR Directer Eija Salo describes the cooperation with the municipality of Pyhäjoki and the other neighboring municipalities close. Photo by Junnu Lusa

Fenno People

Fenno People

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Fenno People

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Fenno People

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Fenno People

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