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Photos by Jarkko Mikkonen and Virkkunen & Co

Sustainable architecture on Hanhikivi peninsula

The Hanhikivi 1 construction project has taken yet another step forwards. Fennovoima will construct an administration building and a plant office in Hanhikivi peninsula. The buildings are designed by Virkkunen & Co Architects Ltd. The construction work is contracted to Lehto Group. 

Pleasant, elegant, and timeless workspaces for all employees. These were some of the starting points that, according to architect Risto Virkkunen, outlined the design of the administration building and plant office at the Hanhikivi peninsula.

“Such a site is always a great challenge for an architect. Nowadays, companies seldom build separate head offices, because most of them are located in properties with other tenants to lower the costs and keep the operations flexible,” Virkkunen says.

Virkkunen & Co Architects Ltd have been involved in the Hanhikivi 1 project from the very beginning. The architectural firm has handled the overall design of the site, the general architectural appearance of the power plant, and Fennovoima’s buildings, such as the gate building and the training building.

The administration building will be constructed first

Fennovoima and Lehto Group signed a preliminary agreement on the administration building and the plant office in late September. The final contract is estimated to be signed by the end of this year.

In practice, the administration building will be the most important individual building in Fennovoima's scope of supply. The administration building will be used as an office by Fennovoima’s employees during the construction and operation of the plant.

The plant office will be an office for the operating personnel with sanitary premises for plant maintenance personnel.

 “We received several fine offers for both the construction and building services engineering work. Lehto Group’s development proposals and overall solution led to the decision in their favor. We already have detailed plans for the buildings. Lehto Group will finalize these plans and implement them,” explains Juha Nurmi, the director of Fennovoima.

The value of the contract is approximately EUR 30 million. The combined surface area of the buildings will be some 17,900 square meters.

Construction of the administration building will start in the spring of 2019 at the earliest. Before that it needs to be decided where the different parts of the nuclear power plant will be situated in the area. The timetable for building the plant office will be confirmed later.

Aluminum and glass exterior face

According to architect Risto Virkkunen, the main idea behind the entire site’s design was a gradual change of the artistic style and materials of the buildings the closer to the power plant you get. The buildings farther away will be made of wood and will be smaller in scale, while the buildings close to the power plant will be larger and the exterior faces of many of them will be metal.

The same idea continues in the administration building. The exterior face of the five-story building will be made from aluminum plates, some of them perforated. The exterior faces of the two lowermost floors will be glass. The long exterior faces of the building’s office floors will be rhythmical due to several sizes of window elements.

Subdued colors and Finnish wood will be used in the spacious indoor premises. The office and conference rooms have also been designed with functionality in mind.

“The administration building will be placed at a location that offers the employees as good a view of the sea as possible”, Virkkunen says.

According to Virkkunen, the cafeteria and entrance lobby will also be on the lowermost floor behind tall glass walls.

Virkkunen & Co has designed a new administration building and plant office for Fennovoima.

Pleasant working environment for decades to come

Once complete, the administration building will be the everyday working place for some 210 Fennovoima employees. It will also be used by guests.

Virkkunen says that the plan is to create working conditions where both new and old Fennovoima employees will feel right at home from the first day.

“The goal is a functional and comfortable site that will feel good for decades to come. Flexibility and modifiability have naturally been taken into account in the indoor premises,” Virkkunen says.

The experienced architect is of the opinion that the design of a modern industrial area must be based on the users and personnel.

“In the next few years, a large number of Fennovoima’s employees will move to the Pyhäjoki region. That is why the administration building must reflect the values of the company. It must also meet the high expectations people have when moving to a new place,” Virkkunen emphasizes.

An illustration of the Fennovoima administration building to be built in the Hanhikivi 1 plant site. The exterior face of the five-story building will be made from aluminum plates. The exterior faces of the two lowermost floors will be glass.

Project & Construction Site

Project & Construction Site

Environmental work on land, water and air

All of the parties active at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site have committed to responsible environmental work throughout the nuclear power plant project.

Project & Construction Site

Creating better processes for the nuclear industry

In the KELPO project, parties active in the nuclear industry are working in cooperation with the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) to find ways to update operating methods.

Project & Construction Site

Responsibly at the construction site

In addition to nuclear safety, occupational health and safety is one of the most important issues at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site. Construction site employee representatives Jouni Karekivi and Mikko Lehtelä also consider themselves attitude educators...

Project & Construction Site

Good work goes a long way

With offices in Oulu and Helsinki, digital marketing office Kuulu Oy has grown in a couple of years from a single-person firm to a company with customers all around Finland. Kuulu has also created video content for Fennovoima.