Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

According to Ekaterina Zon, the chairperson of Toivo ry, both children and their parents have provided positive feedback on the activities. Photos by Teija Soini and Matias Honkamaa

Toivo brings cultures together

Raahe’s multicultural association Toivo ry assists immigrants in adapting to their new culture and arranges a variety of hobbies for people of all ages. Fennovoima has been sponsoring the association for three years.

Six women who moved to Finland from abroad met each other during a course arranged by the Public employment and business services ten years ago.  All of them had the same question in mind: how could they support each other in integration into their new home? This is how Raahe’s multicultural association was born.

“Immigrants can be faced with a variety of difficulties and suffer from mental problems, unemployment, and homesickness. Getting to speak your own native language, receiving peer support and making new friends are important for everyone,” says Ekaterina Zon, the chairperson of Toivo ry.

Zon moved to Finland from Petrozavodsk 16 years ago and ended up in Raahe because of her husband’s job. She has been involved in Toivo for nine years, at first as a club leader and then as a language teacher. She became the association’s chairperson in 2015. She graduated as a schoolteacher in Russia.

“As a person with an immigrant background, I know how difficult and lengthy the process of adapting to a new culture and environment can be,” Zon says.

Hanhikivi 1 project brings more residents to the region

As the Hanhikivi 1 project progresses, more non-Finnish companies and employees will come to Pyhäjoki and its neighboring areas.

The work to promote the integration of immigrants in Raahe has also experienced major changes from the early days of the association. Only Finnish language courses were available in the region ten years ago, and Toivo mainly arranged cultural and culinary events during its early days. Clubs, a crochet workshop and Finnish language teaching were introduced later.

At present, the association arranges courses in Finnish, Russian and English language and culture, events, camps, and a variety of hobbies for people of all ages, such as cooking classes, arts and crafts workshops, as well as music, theatre and dancing clubs.

“Our main goals are assisting people moving to Finland from abroad in integration into society and promote cooperation between Finns and foreigners.”

Music group is one example of a variety of hobbies that the association Toivo ry is organizing.

Fennovoima’s sponsorship assisted in expanding the language course offering

The association is funded through membership fees and support from sponsors and the town of Raahe. A small fee for language courses is also collected.

Fennovoima has been sponsoring the association for three years. The sponsorship has enabled expansion of the Finnish language course offering, for example.

“Bridging the gap between cultures benefits everybody.”

This year, Fennovoima challenged all parties applying for its sponsorship to lower the threshold for children to start a new hobby.

“We arrange an open house event in September each year to encourage all interested people to see what we offer,” Zon says.

Pandemic moved courses online

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the association: events and camps have been cancelled, for example. In addition, the association will not celebrate its tenth anniversary until next year.

The autumn started with classroom teaching, but the COVID-19 situation has been closely monitored and the association has quickly reacted to changing recommendations.

Zon says that language courses can well be arranged online, too. Some clubs for children have also been offered in a virtual format. There have been some problems with the switch to remote operations, however.

“We clearly need more digital expertise.”

Zon believes that the increasing number of children and families participating in the association’s activities indicates that the association has succeeded in its work. She also encourages Finnish families to join the fun. For example, the clubs and camps for children are excellent also for children whose native language is Finnish.

“Bridging the gap between cultures benefits everybody,” Zon assures.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Energetic electrician from Pyhäjoki

Over the years, Sähköpalvelu Anttila’s electricians have become a familiar sight in Pyhäjoki and its neighboring municipalities. Their skills are utilized at the Hanhikivi 1 construction site and outside the province.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Kuvanaiset entrepreneurs show their love of Pyhäjoki

Jaana Hämäläinen and Eila Kultala capture the scenery of the village of Pyhäjoki for posterity with the help of books and handicraft. Their company Kuvanaiset has made customized business gifts for Fennovoima.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Ollinmäki is coming together one plot at a time

The Ollinmäki business area close to downtown Pyhäjoki is a great area in many respects. The Hanhikivi 1 construction site and the growth potential of the region have attracted new companies to the area.