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The author, Inkeri Kerola, is a decision-maker from Raahe and a former MP. She is Fennovoima’s public affairs consultant. Photo: Tiina Lämsä

Welcome to a new era!

The Hanhikivi 1 construction site is attracting new people to Pyhäjoki and its neighboring municipalities. Inkeri Kerola writes a blog about how the region is preparing for the new residents.

North Ostrobothnia can offer culture, nature experiences, and urban life. The sea is always present. 

The triangular area influenced by the Hanhikivi 1 project is delimited by road no. 8 from Kokkola to Oulu, and from Pyhäjoki inland towards Ylivieska. The municipalities and towns in this area are preparing to receive people from all around Finland and also from abroad.

How are the municipalities preparing for the new era?

This spring, I visited all the municipalities and towns in this area. I told you about the expectations of the people who are moving to the area and about all sorts of things related to smooth everyday life. 

The municipalities and towns are currently considering how they should renew their service concepts. Each location has named a contact person to speak for the municipality or town.

People in North Ostrobothnia are used to helping each other out.

 Information on how to update local websites to better serve the newcomers has been offered, as people arriving should be able to find help within just a couple of clicks.

The dialogue with the towns and municipalities has been lively and positive. The willingness to improve the marketing concept will not only serve the new people coming to the area: the current residents will also be able to utilize the updated services.

So, what’s the next visible step?

Kuntamarkkinat, an annual municipal fair in Helsinki at Fennovoima’s head officequarters, will be held at Salmisaari in May. Towns and municipalities from North Ostrobothnia will be able to market themselves to Fennovoima employees at the fair. The spring arrival period will start at the fair.

Choices about living, the job of your spouse or educational opportunities for your children – not to mention your hobbies – are some of the more major decisions in your life. Many people also rely on grandparents to help with the children.

We all have our inner circle, our support network and our relatives. Nobody can build a support network for you, but people in North Ostrobothnia are used to helping each other out.

 You will settle easily in North Ostrobothnia if you just plunge in. Your neighbors will welcome you, and the large number of lively associations in the area will make you feel at home. Hobbies are absolutely a good way of making new friends and acquaintances. I’m sure everyone will find something they like.

Our absolute trump card is the fact that we will be able to make your everyday life run smoothly in a short period of time, regardless of the long distances. This means that you will have more time for yourself.

The dialogue between the towns and municipalities and the people considering moving into the area should continue. Information and experiences are meant to be shared. The best – albeit somewhat subjective – opinions can be gotten from people who have already moved into the area. You should talk with them.


The author, Inkeri Kerola, is a decision-maker from Raahe and a former MP. She is Fennovoima’s public affairs consultant.

Fenno People

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