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Whole family will ski at Pyhäjoki in March

A skiing event for the entire family will be arranged in downtown Pyhäjoki this March. At the event called Pyhäjoki Suxii, future stars of the Finnish youth U18 skiing team and local teams will also be featured.

Fennovoima and the Finnish Ski Association signed a partnership agreement last fall. In addition to traditional visibility for the company logo, the parties wanted something more from the cooperation.

“We wanted the residents of Pyhäjoki and its neighboring municipalities to be able to benefit from the cooperation too. That is how the skiing events came into being: we are inviting everybody who is interested in skiing from nearby and why not also from farther away,” says Heli Nikula, Fennovoima’s Acting Communications Director.

“All residents from Pyhäjoki and the neighboring areas are welcome to the wintry skiing event with us.”

According to Nikula, the approach towards the cooperation was broader from the very start.

“We and the Finnish Ski Association have a shared message: you cannot ski without snow, which is why we must protect the Finnish winters. Once finished, our power plant will produce around one-tenth of all the electricity consumed by people in Finland without any emissions to cause further global warming, which means that the Hanhikivi 1 project will promote Finland’s climate goals,” Nikula explains.

Skiing track in downtown Pyhäjoki

A sprint skiing track will be built in downtown Pyhäjoki for the skiing event. Due to the construction work and the event itself, Virastotie, the road going through the center of the municipality, will be temporarily closed and traffic will be diverted.

The skiing team sponsored by Fennovoima, the U18 youth team, will arrive to give the sprint competition a flying start. Teams of three people from local companies and sports clubs, as well as groups of friends, will compete in the sprint competition.

The audience will also be able to enjoy some live entertainment: stars of the event include Arttu Wiskari and “Ansa Kynttilä” (Ernest Lawson), a “teacher” who is known from the Finnish entertainment show Putous. Children will be entertained by the Moomins.

“There will be a separate skiing area for children, so there will be something fun to do for the entire family,” Nikula says.

U18 Fennovoima is a training group of the best young skiers of their age group. The team will be leading the sprint race for the Suxii event in Pyhäjoki.


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