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Fennonen-Katinka Kayhko

Katinka Käyhkö, the project manager of the Welcome to Pyhäjoki project says that there are plenty of events for old and new residents in Pyhäjoki. Photo by Toni Pallari

Why is Pyhäjoki a great place to live in?

Katinka Käyhkö, project manager, talks about what the Welcome to Pyhäjoki project offers to the municipality.

What is the Welcome to Pyhäjoki project?

Welcome to Pyhäjoki is a project supported by the European Social Fund. It prepares Pyhäjoki for the changes brought on by the Hanhikivi 1 project and assists new residents in feeling at home here. We aim for each new resident having a local buddy with whom to go to their first ice hockey game or pick mushrooms, for example.

Who are involved in the project?

I’m responsible for project management, training, and cooperation with businesses, and my colleague Tanja Ryymin handles cooperation with associations and the local TE services, as well as events. We are assisted by our Russian-speaking experience experts Alja Langinen and Lena Kurikka.

How can the project be seen in the municipality?

This fall, we arranged an event called Let’s Eat Together! In addition to locals, the participants included Russian, Latvian, Estonian, Vietnamese, and British people. We also arrange training, workshops, and allow people to teach each other languages using the tandem method. In addition, we are building a network of pilots and buddies. We are planning hunting and fishing courses and trips, for example.

We aim for each new resident having a local buddy with whom to go to their first ice hockey game or pick mushrooms, for example.

How does the project benefit all the people living in Pyhäjoki?

Anybody can attend the events to meet new people, for example. We support locals who are developing their own operations, such as an association that wants to translate its website into English. We also assist companies in creating new services for the local residents and recruiting international experts.

Why is Pyhäjoki a great place to live in?

The people in Pyhäjoki are nice. You see friendly faces when moving about here. We also have plenty of beautiful nature, and Pyhäjoki has a whole lot to do when taking into account its size.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Ollinmäki is coming together one plot at a time

The Ollinmäki business area close to downtown Pyhäjoki is a great area in many respects. The Hanhikivi 1 construction site and the growth potential of the region have attracted new companies to the area.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

What kind of businesses are needed in Pyhäjoki?

The Hanhikivi 1 construction site further boosts the business activities in Pyhäjoki. According to Toni Kippola, chairperson of the local entrepreneur association Pyhäjoen Yrittäjät, there are good opportunities for new entrepreneurs.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

Letkiä Cloth was born from the love of street dance

The eighties-style products are manufactured in Pyhäjoki, following strict ecological and ethical principles. Milja Salmela, the founder of the company, has also designed stakeholder gifts for Fennovoima.

Pyhäjoki & Neighbourhood

From excessive consumer to ethical entrepreneur

Niina Nuorala from Pyhäjoki is the founder of NIEKO, a company that manufactures durable consumer goods. The entrepreneur has also designed a recycling game.