Jari Töykkä, Commercial Director of the Finnish Ski Association, and Heli Nikula from Fennovoima are both concerned about the Finnish winters. Photo by Junnu Lusa

You cannot ski without snow

Fennovoima and the Finnish Ski Association want to protect Finland’s snowy winters. The partners will arrange family skiing events in Oulu and Pyhäjoki next March and April.

Climate change is changing the world. Its effects can already be seen in Finnish nature. The average temperatures are expected to increase in Finland as climate change proceeds, which means that the concern about the fate of the snowy Finnish winters is legitimate. Sports – winter sports, in particular – will also experience a change.

As a result of this, the Finnish Ski Association got a new cooperation partner, Fennovoima, in October. Both partners are concerned about the future of Finnish winters. The cooperation agreement will make Fennovoima an official partner of the Finnish cross-country skiing A team and a named partner of the 18-year-olds’ training team.

“Winter sports are an important part of the winter for Finns.”

According to Heli Nikula, Fennovoima’s acting Communications Director, nuclear power has a key role in the prevention of climate change. Fennovoima wants to save winter sports.

“Winter sports are an important part of the winter for Finns. Many people who like skiing have surely noticed that the warming climate influences the opportunity to participate in winter sports and thus the number of people interested in them. Only a few children from southern Finland are able to ski nowadays.”

Top sports and fun for the entire family

The goal of the Finnish cross-country skiing team is to be successful at the World Championships in Seefeld in February and March, and in the Cross-Country World Cup.

During the two-year cooperation, Fennovoima will be a partner at the Nordic World Cups in Ruka and Salpausselkä.

The cooperation will also be seen in Oulu and Pyhäjoki. Family skiing events where people can compete with each other and athletes from the cross-country skiing A team and the youth skiing team will be arranged in March and April.

“We will have playful sprint competitions which anybody can enter. I warmly welcome everyone to the events,” Nikula says.



Whole family will ski at Pyhäjoki in March

A skiing event for the entire family will be arranged in downtown Pyhäjoki this March. At the event called Pyhäjoki Suxii, future stars of the Finnish youth U18 skiing team and local teams will also be featured.